London Day 5: St. James’s Palace

September 24, 2016

St. James's PalaceKnowing that we had a 5:00 p.m. flight, we decided to take one last walk around the city.

We headed toward Buckingham again, not sure of our destination, and were pleasantly surprised to catch the changing of the guard. We couldn’t get too close as the crowds were quite heavy, but we watched from a distance and enjoyed the music.

Then we noticed a crowd gathering on the Mall close to Buckingham. We walked over and realized that they were filming here as well; we had seen crews in Oxford the day before. We talked to one of the PAs and confirmed that a) this was the same movie, and b) they were filming Transformers 5. A Michael Bay film.*

We watched for a few minutes, then walked over to St. James’s Palace and took in the Tudor building where King Henry used to hold court, then did some window shopping on the Pall Mall before heading back to the hotel and packing up for the airport.

*Epilogue: When we went to see Rogue One in December, they used one of the shots on the Mall in the teaser we saw for Transformers 5. We could not believe it.

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