We brought home our puppy Edie, a.k.a. Miss Edith Wharton Whitestocking (or “Tube Socks,” as Tim’s brother Mike calls her) on July 16, 2011. You can see her first few pics here, and I’ve added more throughout the year below.

While it was hard to leave Hoboken for Tim and I, we have a feeling it was just as hard for Edie. You’ll see a couple other dogs in the photos below. Her best friend in our building was Mollie, a boxer 2 doors down from us that was only a month older than her; she used to wait at the door to hear Edie’s tags go by; I embedded a video of them playing below the slideshow. And Hugo was a bulldog puppy that came home just after Edie joined us; he was about 6 weeks younger than her. It was always a good day to run into either or both dogs, giving the puppies the chance to run around our courtyard or, if it was late at night, the lobby.

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