Family Photo Shoot

One of Tim’s Christmas presents to Joanna was a photo shoot with a professional photographer. After 2 hours of posing, we never really did get Grace to stop panting, but we did get some great shots of all of us. (Click on any photo to enlarge.)

family_021 family_152 family_161


This is probably our favorite sequence from the shoot. Grace was very happy to be this close to us (1) and so she started giving kisses to Tim (2). Then she burped in his face (3) and Tim reacted (4). The fact that the photographer caught everything on film just made us laugh even harder.

family_101 family_111 family_121


Oops! The princess falls off her dais.


You all know that Grace is disgusting, right? Joanna had to wipe off all the drool from the panting. So she mimicked Grace while doing it.

family_201 family_141

Grace’s mug shot.


Where does she keep this tongue?

family_051 family_061 family_191

Our svelte little buddy.

family_071 family_251 family_261

Grace is such an athlete.

family_271 family_211 family_081

OK, so we did a few conventional shots as well.

family_011 family_031 family_091

family_221 family_241 family_231


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